Primary/Secondary School Assistance Program

Kirksville Chapter of Sigma Xi

If you are a teacher in a primary or secondary school, then your work is very important to those of us in Sigma Xi:  the future of science is sitting in your classroom.  If we can, we'd like to help you get your students interested in science.  One way we might be able to help would be to visit your classroom and share with your students our excitement about science.  This might be in the form of a short talk, or a demonstration, or perhaps helping the students get started on their own science project.

We've compiled a list of Sigma Xi members who have volunteered to assist you in teaching your students about science.  This list is presented in several different ways:  by the name of the volunteer, by the general area of expertise of the volunteer, and by more specific topics.  The list includes the names of the scientists who have volunteered and how to reach them.  The list also includes some suggested topics that the scientist might talk about.  To be effective, whatever we do in your classroom has to be integrated into your curriculum, so these suggested topics are just suggestions.  We would be very willing to work with you to put together something which was tailored specifically to your needs.

You should feel free to contact any of the individuals on the list to discuss with him/her your curriculum and how he/she might help your class achieve their educational goals.  If you are uncertain who to contact, or if you would like help in getting the process started, contact any member of the Kirksville Sigma Xi Outreach Committee.


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