Speaker's Bureau Volunteers by Topic

Kirksville Chapter of Sigma Xi

Members of the Kirksville Chapter of Sigma Xi have volunteered to speak to local (adult) organizations about the following topics.  For more information, including contact information, click on the name of the speaker following the topic.  Click here for a list arranged by name of speaker.  If you are looking for someone to speak to a youth organization, please see our Classroom Assistance Project.



(click on name for details)

Agriculture, general Wehner
Agriculture, sustainable Seipel
Agricultural development in rural Ghana Seipel
Animal science Wehner
Arthritis, drug treatment of Theobald
Anatomical gifts Towns
Anatomy, teaching of Towns
Anatomy, microscopic see:  histology
Antarctica Osborn
Beef cattle Wehner
Biostatistics Johnson
Bladder see:  urinary bladder
Body donation see:  anatomical gifts
Cardiac metabolism Geisbuhler
Cardiovascular physiology see:  heart
Cattle, beef Wehner
Cell biology J.Rhodes
Chaos Goggin
Chemical bonding Baughman
Clinical trials, design of Johnson
Corporate farms, social & economic impact Seipel
Crystals (growth & shape) Baughman
Diabetes W.Sexton
Drugs see pharmacology
Drug interactions Ousterhout
Ecology of a garden Carroll
Economic impact of corporate farms Seipel
Elderlynk McGovern
Emphysema W.Sexton
Endocrinology Geisbuhler
Evolution Osborn
Exercise Peterson, W.Sexton
Feed efficiency of pastured poultry Seipel
Food handling Wehner
Fossil plants Osborn
Fungal-vertebrate interactions Herrera
Fungus see:  mycology
Garden ecology Carroll
Geriatric mental health McGovern
Ghana, agriculture in Seipel
Gross anatomy see:  anatomy
Healthy lifestyle Peterson
Heart Geisbuhler, Peterson
Herbal medicine Ousterhout
Histology J.Rhodes
Laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms Goggin
Lasers Goggin
Lung W.Sexton
Meats & meat processing Wehner
Mental health McGovern
Microbial ecology Herrera
Microcirculation W.Sexton
Missouri agriculture, sustainable practices Seipel
Molecular structure & bonding Baughman
Mycology Herrera
Non-linear dynamics & chaos Goggin
Nutrition, animal Wehner
Pharmacology Ousterhout, Theobald
Physics Goggin
Plant evolution Osborn
Plants & medicine Ousterhout
Pollination Carroll, Osborn
Poultry, feed efficiency Seipel
Probability Johnson
Public gardens Carroll
Quantum chaos Goggin
Research design fundamentals Johnson
Sheep Wehner
Social impact of corporate farms Seipel
Statistics Johnson
Sustainable agriculture practices for Northeast Missouri Seipel
Teaching, medical school Theobald, Towns
Urinary bladder Theobald
X-ray diffraction Baughman

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