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Distinguished Lecture

The Kirksville Chapter of Sigma Xi is pleased to sponsor presentations by a Sigma Xi National Distinguished Lecturer, whose visit is also supported by Truman, KCOM, and the Sigma Xi National Office.  This lecture is free and open to the public.  The lectures this year are:

Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture
Open to the Public

  29 March 2016
8:00 PM
Alumni Room
Student Union Building
Truman State University

Mapping People in Their Living Space: The Ethnoarchaeology of Mongolian Dukha Reindeer Herders

Dr. Todd Surovell

Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of Wyoming

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(Student Union is #22 on map)

Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer
Technical Talk

29 March 2016

What Happened to the Mammoths? Exploring the Cause of North America’s Most Recent Mass Extinction

Dr. Todd Surovell

Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of Wyoming

Previous Distinguished Lecturers

1989:  Thomas F. Malone St. Joseph College
1990:  Arnold W. Strauss Washington University School of Medicine
1991:  Stephen J. Klaine Memphis State University
1992:  Paul McC. Heidger University of Iowa School of Medicine
1993:  Benedict R. Lucchesi University of Michigan Medical School
1994:  Craig E. Nelson Indiana University
1995:  Stuart L. Pimm University of Tennessee
1996:  Martin L. Nickels Illinois State University
1997:  Joseph S. Francisco Purdue University
1998:  Mary L. Powell University of Kentucky
1999:  Ray Hyman University of Oregon
2000:  Ron Doyle University of Louisville School of Medicine
2001:  Paul Billings Gene Sage & Co.
2002:  No Banquet Speaker - Banquet held in conjunction with Research Ethics Workshop
2003: Carol Ward University of Missouri
Heather McKillop
Louisiana State University
2005: Michael Angelo Microsoft Corporation
2006: Irwin L. Goldman University of Wisconsin
2007: Amber Johnson Truman State University
2008: Clark Spencer Larsen  The Ohio State University
2009: Alan Robock Rutgers University
2010: Jessica M. Núñez de Ybarra California Department of Public Health
2011: Marc L. Imhoff NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Ted Goebel
Texas A&M University
2013: James Giordano Georgetown University Medical Center
2015: Debra Fisher Yale University

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